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Price during the New Year Holidays
will be settled bit higher than listed below.

Café&Restaurant Menu

Restaurant/Bar Menu 17:30~23:00(Last Order 22:30)

Daily lunch is limitedly prepared.
Seasonally limited menu is prepared.





  • Vegetarian menu is available from 1 person for the reservation and require advanced reservations.
  • Nagomi course is available from 1 person for the reservation and require advanced reservations.
    *This Nagomi course might be able to flexibly get ordered even on the date
    if you are fine with some changes of the content. Please ask us for it if you are in need.
  • The vegetables or ingredients will be differed on seasons.
  • All prices are exclusive of tax.

A la carte

  • Grilled dumplingsDim sum Grilled dumplings(6piecies) 780yen
  • Shark's fin steamed dumplingsDim sum Shark's fin steamed dumplings(3piecies) 680yen
  • Deep-fried spring rollDim sum Deep-fried spring roll(3piecies) 880yen
  • steamed meat dumplings(3piecies)Dim sum steamed meat dumplings(3piecies) 680yen
  • Grilled soup dumplingsDim sum Grilled soup dumplings 780yen
  • Sesame dumplings(3 pieces)Sweets Sesame dumplings(3 pieces) 450yen
  • French toost(3 pieces)Sweets French toost(3 pieces) 580yen
  • MatchaSweets Matcha 580yen
  • Gion Tsujiri’s one bite Matcha ice-cream (3 pieces)Sweets Gion Tsujiri’s one bite Matcha ice-cream (3 pieces) 580yen
  • Fu-manju(2 pieces)Sweets Fu-manju(2 pieces) 580yen
  • Gion Tsujiri’s Matcha ice-creamSweets Gion Tsujiri’s Matcha ice-cream 580yen
  • Yuzu cheeseSweetsYuzu cheese 580yen
  • Rice dumplingsSweets Rice dumplings 800yen
  • Fu-zenzai & mini-DorayakiSweets Fu-zenzai & mini-Dorayaki 880yen
  • 焼きぎょうざ
  • ふかひれ蒸しぎょうざ
  • 揚げ春巻き
  • 焼売
  • 焼き小龍包
  • ごま団子(3個)
  • フレンチトースト(3ケ)
  • お抹茶
  • 祇園辻利の一口抹茶アイス(3ケ)
  • お麩まんじゅう(2ケ)
  • 祇園辻利の抹茶アイス
  • ゆずチーズ
  • もち団子(一皿)
  • お麩ぜんざいとミニどら焼きのセット


Sesami walnuts
680 yen
Smoked duck
580 yen
Egg roll
880 yen


Oyster tempura
Assorted tempura
Vegetable tempura


Mixed nuts
380 yen
Kaki peanuts
380 yen
Shredded squid
380 yen
Assorted snacks
580 yen

Dim sum

Grilled dumplings(6piecies)
780 yen
Shark's fin steamed dumplings(3piecies)
680 yen
Deep-fried spring roll(3piecies)
880 yen
steamed meat dumplings(3piecies)
680 yen
Soup dumpling
680 yen
Grilled soup dumplings
780 yen
Dim sum set(3kinds)
680 yen
Grilled chieve dumplings(2piecies)
780 yen


Sesame dumplings(3 pieces)
450 yen
French toost(3 pieces)
580 yen
580 yen
Gion Tsujiri’s one bite Matcha ice-cream (3 pieces)
580 yen
Fu-manju(2 pieces)
580 yen
Gion Tsujiri’s Matcha ice-cream
580 yen
580 yen
Yuzu cheese
580 yen
Green tea & Fu-manju
880 yen
Rice dumplings
800 yen
Fu-zenzai & mini-Dorayaki
880 yen

Party menu

【One property of modern-Japanese rental plan for a banquet】

You can rent the house and enjoy meals with your friend without any stresses.
Please ask us for it if neeses.


Drink Menu

Coffee (Hot/Ice)
480 yen
Tea (Hot/Ice)
480 yen
480 yen
Café latte (Hot/Ice)
580 yen
580 yen
Matcha Milk (Hot/Ice)
580 yen
480 yen
Orange juice
480 yen
Pineapple juice
480 yen
Apple Juice
480 yen
Grapefruit juice
480 yen
Organic vegetable juice
480 yen
480 yen
Ginger Ale
480 yen


Suntory whisky
800 yen
Wild Turkey
800 yen
800 yen
Brandy Remy Martin
800 yen
THE Yamazaki single malt whisky
2,000 yen
THE Yamazaki single malt whisky'12
2,880 yen


Marquis de chass Reserve Rouge(375ml)
1,800 yen
Marquis de chass Reserve blanc(375ml)
1,800 yen

Japanese Sake Cold/Hot

Tamanohikari Iwai
980 yen
Kizakura S
(180ml)Semi dry
980 yen
980 yen
(180ml)Semi dry ※Cold
980 yen
Sparkling Sake「Utakata」
1,200 yen

Beer(330ml) 780 yen each


Kyoto local beer(330ml bottle) 880 yen each


  • Koelsh
    It has a good aroma and clean taste, and the color is light gold.
  • Kura-no-Kahori
    It has a mellow taste with sake using sake yeast, and the color is light bright yellow.


Sho-chu Cocktails(Several kinds are available)
ALL 500 yen
Plum Wine
700 yen
Sho-chu(Several kinds are available)
ALL 700 yen
Cocktail(Several kinds are available)
ALL 800 yen
From 800 yen
Shaoxing rice wine(180ml bottle)
600 yen

*All prices are exclusive of tax.